n. dispossessor, person who wrongfully takes other's property

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  • disseisor — Disseizor Dis*sei zor, n. (Law) One who wrongfully disseizes, or puts another out of possession of a freehold. [Written also {disseisor}.] Blackstone. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Disseisor — A Disseisor is the party in a case of adverse possession who has taken actual possession of the property, thus dis seizing (dispossessing) the true owner. A Disseisee, the correlative, is the party put out of an estate, unlawfully. [1] See also… …   Wikipedia

  • disseisor — noun see disseise …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • disseisor — dis·sei·sor …   English syllables

  • disseisor — /dasiyzar/ One who puts another out of the possession of his lands wrongfully. A settled trespasser on the land of another. Flinn v. Blakeman, 254 Ky. 416, 71 S.W.2d 961, 968 …   Black's law dictionary

  • disseisor — A person who effects or commits a disseisin …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • disseisor — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Adverse possession — Squatter s rights redirects here. For the film, see Squatter s Rights (film). Property law …   Wikipedia

  • writ of entry — A real action to recover the possession of land where the tenant (or owner) has been disseised or otherwise wrongfully dispossessed. If the disseisor has aliened the land, or if it has descended to his heir, the writ of entry is said to be in the …   Black's law dictionary

  • release — I To discharge a claim one has against another, as for example in a tort case the plaintiff may discharge the liability of the defendant in return for a cash settlement. To lease again or grant new lease. See accord and satisfaction II A writing… …   Black's law dictionary

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